Give the gift of mental health today.

Your donation supports actionable, innovative mental health programs and research.

Give the gift of mental health today. image




Your donation supports actionable, innovative mental health programs and research.

We don't need to lose our next generation to suicide. Together, we can do more to save lives.

Today's college campus looks far different than it used to. More students than ever are reporting depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions impacting their studies and their lives. Campus counseling centers nationwide face unprecedented demand and, in many places, lack the resources to meet the needs of all students. Left untreated, depression and anxiety can create unnecessary strain on students, or worse, lead to suicide. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young adults ages 15-34, and without a change, more lives may be lost.

Lost&Found connects students with the tools and community to develop lifelong resilience. We envision a world in which students can access the skills and relationships to live well each day, where suicide no longer impacts our communities.

Your gift to Lost&Found funds the work of students and campus leaders striving to identify student mental health needs and deliver programs, training, and events to meet students where they are. Every day, Lost & Found staff provide the content, dedicated support, and cutting-edge research to help students and campus leaders do what they do best: make campus life better for all, every day.

The result? Campus communities where students are connected to the tools and community necessary to develop lifelong resilience, where depression, anxiety, and mental health conditions can be treated quickly and effectively, and where suicide no longer darkens the world.

L&F makes resilient communities possible, one student at a time. Give today.

All donations to Lost&Found are tax-deductible (EIN: 45-4306370).

If you have questions about your gift or how to give, please call (605) 202-8594 or use our Contact Form.